BlueBit Testnet Tutorial

As we’ve been working days and nights, we are now proudly presenting you our live testnet! Thank you all for supporting us along the journey!

To kick things off, we’ve prepared a detailed guide on how you can navigate in our platform. However, please note that during the testnet phase, only the USDT-USDC LP vault will be open for testing.

Step 1. Get Aurora ETH

The first thing you need to do is get yourself some test ETH on Aurora faucet:

  1. Click Testnet
  2. Connect to Aurora Testnet: If the network is not set to Aurora Testnet, there should be a pop-out requesting your permission to switch to the right network
  3. You should have 0.001 ETH in your wallet now

Step 2. Get BlueBit Faucet token

  1. Head to BlueBit testnet, Click on ”Launch APP”
  2. Connect to Aurora Testnet
  3. Click on “Faucet” and confirm the transaction. Once done, you will see $30 worth USDC-USDT TLP, and 100 $BBT tokens in your wallet

Step 3. Start Farming (Mandatory for airdrop pool)

  1. Approve and Deposit USDC-USDT LP: Under vaults, click to scroll down the menu. Click on “Deposit”, confirm the usage of USDC-USDT LP, then confirm the deposit.

2. Be careful, there will be a 0.5% withdrawal fee charged if withdraw within 12 hours.
3. Wait for 3–5 minutes, you should see there is earned BBT balance. Click on “Claim” and confirm the transaction

Step 4. Lock BBT to unlock more surprises (Mandatory for airdrop pool)

  1. Lock BBT, you get veBBT, which enables you to participate in a weekly platform fee rebate program as well as a boost on your vault position
  2. Click on “Stake”, click on “Lock BBT”

3. Type in BBT amount and Lock duration, There are two indicators on the right side showing how many veBBT and how much weekly rebate you will get under the current circumstance.

4. Click on “Lock”, and approve the usage of BBT and the transaction on your wallet. You will be successfully locking.

Step 5. Activate your boost and harvest your weekly rebate

1. veBBT enables you to participate in a weekly rebate program(50% of platform fee in BBT and wNEAR), plus a boost factor on your vault position to up to 2.5x.

2. Weekly rebate: If you lock BBT in week 0, you locked BBT will earn a share of the platform fee accumulated in week 1, based on your veBBT share. You will be able to harvest start from week 2.
Checkpoint is every Thursday 00:00 UTC.

3. Boost: Head back to Vaults. After you get some veBBT, if you still find your farming position only has a boost factor of 1.00. You need to activate your boost by executing one of any functions of “Deposit”, “Withdraw”, or “Claim”.

In this tutorial case, the boost factor has improved from 1.00 to 2.50, your APY surged from 679% to 1696%.

💙If you face a technical issue, feel free to reach out to us at Discord #bug-report.

About BlueBit Finance

BlueBit Finance, a proud Aurora grant recipient, is a yield aggregation protocol deployed on Aurora. The protocol allows users to earn more yield from DeFi farming in a more secure, accessible, and efficient manner.

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